About Us

As scientists, we are trained to critique, question and essentially rip apart every article that has been published. It is only the discoveries that are able to withstand such scrutiny that gain respect and credibility from the scientific community. We rely heavily on this skepticism in order to create accurate and honest “knowledge”.

Unfortunately, this practice has not transpired to the mainstream and the problem in part lies with the way the people perceive scientific studies. In the digital era, where information is highly accessible, where you don’t need a qualification to be able to publish content, where YouTube and social media are used as primary sources of education and news, it is more critical than ever to be skeptical, to question and be aware of the biases of what we read. Through Skeptific we aim to not only keep you up to date with the latest scientific discoveries and but also advocate skepticism and critical thinking!

Who are we?

Dr Natasha Rangwani

Qualifications: BSc, MSc, PhD
Role: Senior Scientist in a drug discovery lab
Research interests: innovation, biotechnology, immunology, ageing, drug development

Dr Harleen Kaur Johal
Qualifications: BMBS(Hons), MMedSc
Role: ‘FY3’ Doctor and PhD Candidate in Medical Ethics & Law at the University of Bristol
Research interests: mental capacity, conflict resolution, end-of-life care, qualitative methods, human factors, mental health

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